In discussing Alexander Bagdanov and "tektology" Wark writes the following:

"Rather than unconsciously using metaphors borrowed from authoritarian or exchange relations, the wager of tektology is that it might be possible to construct a kind of low theory whose purpose is to experimentally apply understandings of one process to other quite different processes to see if they can be grasped as analogous. It is a kind of detournement that works "sideways," from field to field, rather than from past to present."

Philosophy is a tool to be used, not an end in itself.

This lateralization applies to an idea prevalent in my practice for some time - that there is no real end state or resolution, only periodic states of rest. When the frame is around the labor involved, or the USE of the artifact, instead of the object directly, then a sort of "mis-use" is inevitable in reference to original intent. Wark's notion of "tektology" played out in a physical/sculptural langauge.

This USE plays out as a system of organization, and Wark points out that this lateralization is a form of substitution, where the organization around one context can be useful for another.

"Substitution is a kind of detournement, by which the formal properties of any given activity can become the experiemental template for any other."