In Their Own Words: Forest Houses Residents Consider the Gramsci Monument

How to Hack an Abstraction: Google Warhol | 09.27.2014

Could you put together about a page worth of narrative about some of the smaller scale projects and how you see them interacting with the community and environment? How does scale give or limit accessibility to the work?


The New York City Waterfalls: Cascades, Sing the City Energetic


Carnets de chantier

Rimini Protokoll - Call Cutta

Urbane Kunste Ruhr

Atelier / TRANS305 (phase 2)

marbre d'ici

Marbre d'ici - art, recycling and public space - ArtCOP21

Shabbyshabby Apartments by raumlaborberlin


How do these blocks start to frame our discussion? Are these references direct tools of any kind?
Sandback's work is a formal example of a minimal intervention into space -- see description. Walter De Maria's piece is a good formal example of using the measurement of space as an aesthetic experience. B.wurtz's piece is an example of simple and elegant monumentalized detritus.

Fred Sandback - Untitled (Sculptural Study/Two-part Construction 1974-2013 - Lesson Gallery

Mel Bochner - Compass

Walter De Maria - Broken Kilometer 1979

B.wurtz at White Flag Gallery

Making good the gallery space

Where Do Housing Development Tax-credits Actually Go?

Blue/Presentation Imperative

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An Attempt at a "Compositionist Manifesto" by Latour